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 Affordable SEO made easy

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation simply means making your business visible on search engines by improving your ranking.  It's crucial to attracting and retaining loyal customers.  But just because you have a website doesn't automatically mean that potential customers are going to find you on Google.  You need to tell Google that you are there and that your website is worth ranking above others.   

SEO drives traffic to your website from organic search results. 

If you don't come up on a Google search before your competitors do you are losing customers.


On-page SEO

For startups and small business I provide on-page SEO.  This optimises the content of each page of your website so that Google finds them easily.  It organises the content on the page so that search engine crawlers know what they're looking for and can categorise the page appropriately.  In other words, it helps search engines to connect your content to the query or keyword you're trying to rank for and that people are using to search.

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